Erika (rebeleureka) wrote in uwc_community,

We want peace in the Middle East!

There's been a great (in a sense) string of emails back and forth between LPCers. I think I'm missing half of them because there seem to be numerous "mass LPC people" email lists and I get replies that have replies to others that I haven't seen yet...but even with some surely missing, what I'm reading is incredible.

It's hard to believe that this is happening where my friends live. It really makes this whole thing a whole lot more emotional for me. But it's great to read opinions from both sides of the conflict and see the call and longing---not just that, the activism--for peace. One of my Israeli co-years, along with our Egyptian co-year, has written up a petition:

This petiton is meant to influence decision makers on all sides of the
recent conflict between Hezballah, Lebanon and Israel. It is meant to
stop the viloence and especially the suffering, death and pain of
people, human beings on all sides.
we're planning to send it-when we get enough signatures- to
responsibles in Lebanon , Israel and the United Nations.

It's hosted by ipetitions, which I'm slightly skeptical about, but I figure that signing it can't hurt, and if it works--then GREAT! So, here's a link:
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