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United world college Costa Rica (UWCCR)

Hello, everybody!
I’ve entered the United world college in Costa Rica (UWCCR)! I am so happy to join the most wonderful world community of UWC! This is a new UWC joined in 2006. I hope that I’ll enjoy myself there, make friends with people from all over the world and get an international education. Moreover, I would like to try to make our world more peaceful and friendly (I hope it is possible but only when a lot of like-minded people exist together) and I hope that there will be lots of like-minded people. Can anybody tell me some useful information about Costa Rica? Has any of you ever been there? Can you give me a piece of advice about UWC? I mean what should I bring there and so on. Thank you.
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myspace has a UWC community too!
Sorry, what do you mean?:)
I think with your mindset (as i can figure it out from your posting) you are already quite ready for UWC. Just bring your open-mindedness with you and some patience (to deal with someone less open-minded than you) and you'll be fine! :)
In case you are planning to make some presentations about Russia bring stuff you think you would like to show. Bring your favourite books and movies - the staff you would really miss.
If you wish, write me to and ask more UWC-related questions. (mozhno po-russki) and i'll be glad to answer them.
When does the school start?
Thank you very much! I hope it will be splendid studying!:) As for the questions, I’ll think about them and may be write you someday:) Thank you for the congratulations, for your advice and suggestion. We should be in Costa Rica approximately on the 15th of August, the school starts a little bit later.