annie (electoral_goat) wrote in uwc_community,

Interested In Applying

Hello. I just recently found out about UWC and I immediately fell in love with it. The idea of going to a school that focuses on teaching students to embrace a variety of cultures, to take an active role in making positive changes in the world, and to be eco-friendly is remarkable. I am eager to apply to a UWC and I am curious as to what the application process is like.
I’m a high school freshman at a public school in the United States. My grades are decent, but not perfect. I am a member of my school’s Model United Nations and Debate teams. Are there any specific things that I should do to increase my chances of getting in? What kinds of virtues helped current/ former students to get in?
I’m glad to join this community, and I hope that some other members will be able to answer my questions regarding application and just give me a better sense of what going to a UWC is like. Thank you. :)

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I'm a newly accepted to be uwc-usa student. I can't tell you exactly what got me in. My only advice is what I was given by one of the students. Don't even think world peace, and don't let one of your motivations be good scools, or later on good universities. Good luck with the application.
Heh, world peace isn't a reasonable goal for anyone to have. Thanks for the advice :)
On the process of application... I'm currently going to a public school in California, so I don't know if it's the same throughout the states, but for me... You write the application and send it in so it gets there by feb 1st, I never got my receipt of application, and then end of feb you find out whether you got an interview, then if you did it gets scheduled, mine was on the 10th of april, but it depends on where you are, also, different places have different interview styles. If you're in CA, prepare to have your views challenged, out of the three of us there, no one came out smiling. Then you wait nervously until your letter gets there at the very end of march. Lots of nerves, and scary moments. Hope that answers your questions.
I'm in CT , so it should probably be pretty similar. Thanks again.
I understand that good grades AND ESPECIALLY a good recommendation gets you to the interview.............. And during the interview they determine whether you're a certain type. More or less if they like your face. If you can be challenged... And how well you deal with being challenged.
I'd prob. agree with the first two. Who knows about the certain type thing, but they were scary. One theory Ive heard is that they check how well you deal with pressure and the challenging of what you hold to be true. So the last part is good. I recommend the cookies at the interview.I know they were really interested in my extracurricilars. They want to see that you have a passion, vision, etc.
Going to uwc will be the best experience of your life. As for the application bit i'm not sure about as i believe it was easier for me to get in as my dad was working in the country. But if you have any doubts about uwc then forget them because uwc is one of the best schools around. i attended uwc in singapore and i made friends from all around the world, and i got to experience lots of different cultures. i can guarantee that you will have the time of your life in uwc if you get it :)