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Questions about EE...))

Hello everybody!=)
I am the 1st year of the new UWC in Costa Rica! Everything here is so great: the environment, the people, the residences, nature…
As you know we have to write an excellent extended essay as a part of the IB program. I just wanted to ask you for good advice concerning the topic of my future work. As far as I can guess a great part of uwc_community in livejournal is much more experienced than I am so, please, could you give me a hint or a suggestion about my EE theme?:)
I was wondering of writing this work based on “Pride and prejudice” by Jane Austen (English A2 subject). As far as I know, it is quite a popular novel. According to the EE requirements, we need to create something extra-ordinary, something really special. So, I would like to ask you about the topic, probably I will connect it with the movie with Keira Knightley (“Pride and prejudice”). I would like to analyze the characters of the heroes but I am not sure of it. So, if you please can give me any hints, advices concerning the requirements and standards of writing EE as well, it will be so perfect!:D
Thank you very much!!!
It is really very important for me and I cannot decide it just be myself, so, I need your help=)
Most lovely greetings to you from all UWCCR!))
You are welcome to visit us in such a great place in the world!:)
Best regards,
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