annie (electoral_goat) wrote in uwc_community,

Interested In Applying

Hello. I just recently found out about UWC and I immediately fell in love with it. The idea of going to a school that focuses on teaching students to embrace a variety of cultures, to take an active role in making positive changes in the world, and to be eco-friendly is remarkable. I am eager to apply to a UWC and I am curious as to what the application process is like.
I’m a high school freshman at a public school in the United States. My grades are decent, but not perfect. I am a member of my school’s Model United Nations and Debate teams. Are there any specific things that I should do to increase my chances of getting in? What kinds of virtues helped current/ former students to get in?
I’m glad to join this community, and I hope that some other members will be able to answer my questions regarding application and just give me a better sense of what going to a UWC is like. Thank you. :)

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