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Graduation is fast approaching, and this year we've got a large committee set up to organize the last few days of school so that the send-off isn't as abrupt, and so that there is a more closure for the second years.

I'm a first year, so obviously I haven't experienced the last days before, but I know that it is going to be an emotional time for all of us.

I'm in charge of coming up with meaningful games to fill up two hours of the Sunday afternoon. Do any of you have any good suggestions? Perhaps from your own graduations or other experiences.

Right now we've thought of some silly ones, like Donut Pinata (like the Mexican game, only with donuts...) and a campus-wide water balloon fight, and a game that is half and half (meaningful/silly) that I play back home, called Wink. (They play it at Mahindra for learning names...called Twisted Screw or something) In Wink, you sit in two circles, in partners, and the partnerless person calls out a category (eg "Anyone who is going to Europe for university") and the anyone within the inner circle who the category applies to tries to get to him/her while their partner tries to hold them back.

Thanks for your help!!
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